About Brandt Construction, Inc.

For over 48 years, Brandt Construction has been lowering the stress of our customers while raising our profile as one of Central Indiana’s premier building and renovation companies. When our customers bring us a job, they can rest assured that successful completion is our highest priority. We pride ourselves in the fact that our marketing department consists solely of our past and present clients.

Our rock-solid reputation extends far beyond commercial construction. We also have comprehensive experience in historic restorations, religious, medical, educational, and public works projects.

Nearly all of our project supervisors have over 20 years of field experience.  Our project management staff all hold degrees in construction, civil engineering or other related fields. Together they’ve overseen everything from country clubs, restaurants, and historic apartment buildings to business centers, sanctuaries, and health centers.  You name it, one of them has probably built it.

At Brandt, we sweat the details. Every step of the construction process matters, and we demand the best from our people and subcontractors. Good enough isn’t good enough. For our clients, it has to be great. Or it shouldn’t be done at all.

If you have a construction project, let’s talk. We’re always willing to listen. We believe that the knowledge and professionalism of our team are sure to put you at ease.

Todd J. Mattingly PresidentTodd J. Mattingly
Harold A. Sattison Executive Vice PresidentHarold A. Sattison
Executive Vice President
Chirag P. Patel Vice PresidentChirag P. Patel
Vice President
Todd J. Mattingly President

Todd J. Mattingly

From a young age,Todd had an interest in tearing things apart and rebuilding them.  That inclination led him to choose a career in Civil Engineering.  After earning his degree from Purdue, Todd worked as a structural engineer for five years. But he soon realized his favorite part of the job was being on site and supervising construction. So the day after earning his Professional Engineers license, he called Dave Brandt to discuss coming to work as a Project Manager. Nearly 25 years later, he’s worked his way up to President. It’s the perfect job for him even though he spends a lot less time on construction sites now. He primarily works with clients on pre-construction and estimating and oversees the administrative side of the company.

Harold A. Sattison Executive Vice President

Harold A. Sattison
Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President, Harold oversees all of Brandt’s field operations. A graduate of Purdue University with a B.S. in Building Construction Management, Harold began his career managing large projects Dallas. Fortunately for us, he moved home to Indiana 6 ½ years later. Harold has been with Brandt for over 25 years now, supervising construction on everything from office buildings, tunnels and sky bridges to churches, monuments, retail spaces and historic restorations. When he’s not on the job, you’ll often find Harold unwinding at the lake or in the woods. An avid outdoorsman, Harold enjoys challenges of fishing and bow hunting.

Chirag P. Patel Vice President

Chirag P. Patel
Vice President

Chirag was the first Project Manager at Brandt ever hired right out of college. As he says, “I started off as a 90-day intern and they just can’t get rid of me.” Chirag’s talent for managing construction projects was unmistakable. Within three years he became a senior project manager and eventually rose to his current position as Vice President. He’s been with us nearly 20 years now. A graduate of Purdue with a B.S. in Building Construction Management, Chirag spends 70 to 80% of his time on project estimating and scheduling. He also holds a black belt in Taekwondo. So it goes without saying, Chirag can hold his own against just about anyone.